Empower your game against cheaters.

Cheatless game means more players.

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What's inside?

Disconnect your game from cheaters.

Build a strong wall against cheaters and don't waste your time with them.


Don't Mess with Bots

Get rid of all bots private or public, via special algorithm developed against bots.


Deliver Justice

Don't let decreasing of your player's enjoy due to unfair cheats such as move speed, attack speed, damage hacks.


Give No Respite to Cheaters

Just sit back because we will be following every step of the cheaters. Leave the cheaters behind with fast and automatic updates.


Strong Encryption

Make analysis difficult by strongly encrypting your client.

  • Tick Encrypted Connection
  • Tick Encrypted Client
  • Tick A Protected Game

Control Panel

A panel where you can easily perform your operations around the clock.

  • Tick Automatic Updates
  • Tick Feature Control
  • Tick Payment Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

With this section that we have prepared for a few questions that are usually asked, you can find answers to some of the questions in your mind.

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It is a software that distorts the competitive environment by providing unfair advantage in the games and removes these users from the game.

After the purchase is made, you can easily install it by following the steps on the panel. You must have the client and game source codes in order to be able to install.

It blocks all known and unknown cheats that will disrupt the competitive environment in your game.

Uriel Anti-Cheat blocks without using memorized methods. Our protection does not block cheats, it blocks the way to cheats. Thus, cheaters trying to hide themselves as much as they want can't escape detection :)

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